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My Projects


A Cat's Tale

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Tools: Unity, Photoshop

Roles: Lead Designer, Level Design, Sound Design, Scripting

Timeline: 4 Months


A 2D stealth/platforming game where you play as a cat and catch birds. Birds are are always watching for danger. Try to use your stealth and speed to sneak up on your prey.



- Left and Right arrow keys to move.

- Hold spacebar and then release to jump.

- Press the down key to crouch and use spacebar to pounce.


Moonsoon - UDK Game


Tools: Maya, ZBrush, UDK

Roles: 3D modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, and Level Design

Timeline: 2 Months


A 3D puzzle/exploration game in an abandoned mansion. I made a variety of assets for this game project but focused most of my attention on the design of the grand ballroom and its surrounding area.



watch on youtube | play the game

Tools: Actionscript 3.0

Roles: Project Manager, Designer, Sound Design Audio Programming

Timeline: 3 Months


An immersive game that explores the beauty of geometric patterns and equations. We went with a minimalist style inspired by ThatGameCompany.


- Point with your mouse where you want to go.
- Left-click to send out a pulse.
- Hold left-click before releasing to send your pulse further.


System Defense

click to play


Tools: ActionScript 3.0, Photoshop

Roles: Project Manager, Designer, Audio

Timeline: 2 Months


System Defense is a tower defense crossed with a real-time-strategy game. Stop the aliens from blowing up your sun by commanding a fleet of space ships.



play the game (requires unity web player)

Tools: Unity Game Engine

Roles: C# & OpenGL Programming


This game was made in 48 hours during the 2011 Global Game Jam. I programmed a custom shader to allow a silhouette of the ball to be visible when behind other objects and the speech bubble animation.



- Arrow keys to move.

- Spacebar to pick up or throw the ball


Dodgeball Deathmatch


Tools: Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Maya, nDo2

Roles: Game Design, Level Design, 3D Artist, Animator

Timeline: < 48 hours


Players work their way up the corporate ladder by playing dodgeball in the office. Features 1 large map with 2 areas connected by a stairway: the lobby and the office.

Created with a team of five in under 48 hours. As one of two 3D artists I modeled the lobby and visible outside area, the stairs, cubicles, office walls, and computers. I also created seamless textures for the ceiling and floor. As the animator I rigged and animated our 4 characters. As the level designer I put the level together in Unity, added collision volumes and physics to game objects, added lighting, and applied materials.

Although we didn't have time for much testing and game balancing I did tweak a few parameters after initial playtests.