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3D Game in C++ (Untitled)

Currently I'm working on a C++ game using OpenGL in an effort to move away from a reliance on pre-packaged Game Engines. The above links to a quick look-and-feel concept made in Blender.

Moonsoon (Unreal UDK)

(Click the above picture to watch a playthrough)

Roles: Modeling, Texturing, Level Design

A 3D puzzle game where you explore an abandoned mansion, finding clues about the mysterious death of your uncle. Player vs. environment is the main conflict as you are limited to areas protected from the rain.

All assets followed the procedure of 3D Modeling in Maya, Sculpting in ZBrush, and then importing into the Unreal Development Kit.




SKRY (Actionscript 3.0)

watch a preview (includes playtest footage)

Roles: Lead Designer, Levels, Music, Scripting

An immersive game that explores the beauty of geometric patterns and equations. We went with a minimalist style inspired by ThatGameCompany.

The above video shows a live demo of the game and includes a playtest. I was interested in the different feel of using a wii remote vs a mouse and keyboard so I interviewed our playtester about that.


A Cat's Tale (Unity; C#)

watch a preview

Roles: Lead Designer, Levels, Sound, Scripting

A 2D stealth/platforming game where you play as a cat and catch birds. Birds are are always watching for danger. Try to use your stealth and speed to sneak up on your prey.





experience modeling, rigging and texturing for film and games

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worked on a variety of game projects in small and medium sized teams


programming for games and mobile apps as well as java applications


lessons on 3D animation, photoshop tutorials, and elementary classroom experience