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MoonSoon UDK Game

Tools: Maya, ZBrush, UDK

Roles: 3D modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, and Level Design

Timeline: 2 Months

I made a variety of assets for this game project but focused most of my attention on the design of the grand ballroom and its surrounding area.


Tools: Photoshop, nDo2, 3D-Coat

Chapel of St. Ignatious

Tools: Cinema4D (Modeling and Rendering), Photoshop (Compositing)

Timeline: 5 days

I recreated this chapel (inside and out) to-scale using original blueprints. The chapel was built in Seattle by architect Steven Holl in 1997.

Tenzin Model and Face Rig

Tools: Maya

I created a head model and face rig to use for instruction in my animation lab. Over a few days students were shown how to model the head and then I walked them through the rigging process. The rig uses a bones and joints rather than blendshapes to create expressions.

To model I started with orthographic drawings from the front and side view.